In the lush landscapes of Costa Rica, our seven-acre Food Forest thrives, guided by the principles of veganic and organic permaculture. Here, nature's bounty flourishes in harmony with sustainable practices, resulting in a vibrant oasis of life and nourishment.

Our vision extends beyond the borders of Costa Rica, as we're dedicated to sharing the richness of our harvest with the world. When winter blankets other lands, we continue to bear the fruits of abundance, ensuring fair prices for our produce. Across the seas, we ship these treasures in bulk, assembling them into exquisite "Organic Tropical Fresh Boxes."

But our mission extended far beyond the soil. We sought to foster a deeper connection to the land and empower others to embrace self-sustainability. That's why we established permaculture and natural building workshops, designed to inspire and educate. These workshops are a testament to our commitment to a more harmonious way of living, one that's in tune with nature.

Our journey is not just about land and produce; it's about cultivating a sustainable future. Join us in our endeavor to create a self-sustaining haven and share the wisdom of living in harmony with the earth. Together, we're sowing the seeds of change and nourishing a brighter tomorrow.

When it started

Michelle and Mike founded Food Freedom after the whole pandemic in 2023. They realized that most of us do not have freedom so it’s time to regain it.